Computer Woes

It's been 1 week and 2 days now since my laptop was given in for repairs and I've yet to get it back. It also doesn't look as if I'll get it back anytime soon. Nice.

At least I've now (finally) received a spare laptop from work to use until I get my laptop back. Until now I've been relagated to the furthest corner of the office, where the old desktop pc's are located. Windows '98 was the most advanced o/s on offer. Looking on the bright side, I guess an experience of extreme discomfort such as this, makes you appreciate your usual good fortune a lot more!

At the moment I'm still putting of studying, but I definitely have to start hitting the books tomorrow. You can only imagine my level of excitement...

My mom is leaving for London on Sunday - I wish it was me. Not so much to go to London though, just out of the country. Just for holiday. Would love to explore a new country. But not somewhere as ordinary as London or America.

What I'd really love would be to go to South America, immerse myself in the local culture, converse in Spanish, dance the mambo and explore the local dishes.

Hopefully I get to realise my dream someday. In the meantime, all donations are welcome!


greendemon said...

Remember to bring back some of Uncle Escobar's finest product when you go to Columbia. In fact, you could finance your trip that way. Just don't use ultra-thin condoms when swallowing the sachets, they tend to fail under stress ;)

The Woman said...

stress: the defining characteristic of an orca-like mating method...

greendemon said...


Yes, so I've heard... *cough*

Just-ify! said...

Hows the laptop repair going?

I'll be sure to send you a pic of my brand spanking new Dell D820 when she lands ;-)

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