Ten things about moving

1. It is *not*, I repeat NOT fun. At all. Not even slightly. Besides having to sort out all your crap (and boy do we have a lot of that), the heavy lifting and the unpacking on the other side is also not exactly a barrel of laughs.
2. Forget bootcamp. Moving is the ultimate workout. I'm expecting shapely calves and bulging biceps any day now after the strenuous work they did this weekend.
3. Cats do not like being in a car. Or in a cage. They will therefore attempt to claw anything within reach to death, including you, their beloved human.
4. The new kitchen is awesome. No scratch that, beyond awesome. Normal-sized oven (as opposed to toy-sized oven) FTW.
5. The simple pleasure of having your own garden and being able to feel grass under your feet at any time is vastly underrated. Even if said garden is fairly small.
6. I am already feeling at home in the new house, even though there is still just short of a thousand boxes to be unpacked. New beginnings and all that.
7. The commute to and from Stellenbosch for work is less painful than I thought it would be. Of course, it's a hell of an adjustment from leaving home at 5 to 8. But worth every minute of it.
8. I finally know what they mean by "nesting". My mind is constantly full of ideas to make our home more livable, prettier, more functional. And it feels good.
9. Our very vocal second kitty is a lot more calm ever since we moved into the new place. Was a garden really all she wanted? Who knew.
10. It's interesting finding your feet in a new town. Figuring out which routes are easiest, which shops are biggest (bigger equals better for a woman okay) and what your neighbours are like is invigorating. As they say, a change is as good as a holiday.


sweetest design said...

moving is soooo NO fun! hahah you are totally right!

hope that your new house is everything you wanted!

love your blog lay-out!

greetz niki (sweetestdesign from swap-bot!)

Anonymous said...

haha, damn cats hate to move! That is so true, and funny! ( takaratown from swapbot)

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