Ten things - mid October

Inspired by this post from twitter buddy, Polkadotcupcake, I thought I'd try my hand at something similar.

So... things I've learned, things that put a smile on my dial and things I'm grateful for. Here goes nothing:

1. I am stoked that we are going to become godparents to kid #2 in about 8 months time. 
2. Seasonal eating is one of life's simple pleasures. It's challenging, but immensely rewarding and opens us up to new flavours and tastes, which is pretty awesome.
3. Kids' birthday parties are super fun. Put on a party hat and stuff your face with cake for a carefree few hours.
4. Almost as much fun is buying presents for children. And getting excited over all the cool toys in the store. Mad scientist set, anyone? Almost makes me wish I was still young enough for toys.
5. A fresh coat of paint (especially white paint) works wonders on tired old kitchen cupboards. Booyah.
6. I love love love how furry and cuddly our kittens are. Happiness is truly a warm kitten.
7. Running (well walking/jogging) makes me feel like superwoman. Something I never ever thought I'd say. After a week of slacking off and feeling sluggish I went for a jog this morning and it was exhilirating.
8. Packing in and slowly clearing our flat of clutter is a vastly underrated joy. Bonus points - I will have super muscular biceps by the end of next week due to carrying boxes down three flights of stairs.
9. It's amazing how much I can accomplish in the kitchen amidst all the chaos of packing. Stuffed gnocchi, a quick chard quiche and some lovely cheesy olive-y flatbread are the latest creations to come out of the mess. 
10. I have the most amazingly patient husband in the entire universe. For real. And that is something to not take lightly.


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