Eggs in 3D

Eggs, eggs, eggs! I just had a bacon & egg toasted sandwich for breakfast and it was gooooooood. I just feel like eating eggs these days. Weird. Anyway, stepping off from that completely random topic, we went to go watch Ice Age 3 (in 3-D!) last night at the cinema. And I have to say WOW. Seriously.

My first experience with 3-D was in those dinosaur magazines my parents used to buy us as kids. You know, the ones that were all educational and came packaged with glow in the dark build-your-own dinosaur skeletons and 3-D glasses to "see the dinosaurs come to life!" Well, they stood out from the page a little, but they didn't "come to life". Of course, at that stage I thought it was the coolest thing out, and my brother and I used to take turns peering through those red and green lenses and marvelling over the magic of 3-D.
But 3-D in a movie? That was unheard of.

Until recently.

Everyone's been talking about the new Ice Age movie in 3D and I was a little bit curious, but to be honest, in the back of my mind I thought it wasn't going to be such a big deal. Boy was I wrong! The experience is something unlike anything else I've ever seen. To be fair, it's a bit disorientating at first and you tend to recoil a bit when something leaps out of the screen and (seemingly) flies straight at you. It's like the characters are living in some unknown-until-now space between the screen and yourself, the movie-goer. I really felt immerged in the movie; I imagine this is similar to how TheHusband feels about surround-sound. (As for me, I just don't get it. Yeah I know, I know...)

Of course, we felt a bit like dorks in those Buddy Holly-esque glasses they hand you at the entrance. But dorks are the new black, so we're going with it.
Besides, we're going to be saving them for our future mini-me's who will one day, no doubt, think they are very funny and hideously old-fashioned.

But then, 60 is the new 40, so I'm sure we won't mind too much at that (wrinkly) stage.


Kiwi Littleoak said...

Giggles. I just made a comment about eggs and then I see them mentioned! Bad thing I'm hungry, too, so now I want eggs...

I haven't seen a 3D film forever! I think I need to do just that!

The Woman said...

Do so! It's a really cool experience that left me smiling for the rest of the evening.

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