Almost Autumn

Seems it's time for my quarterly update again.

The healthier watch-what-you-eat regime I/we embarked on at the beginning of the year is paying off. I've lost a total of 4kgs since Jan and TheHusband has lost about 5kg. Not huge, but not bad right? And believe me, we're definitely not on a starvation diet. We started off, rather enthusiastically, with a mild exercise program, but as the days have grown shorter, our enthusiasm has rapidly waned. And so it goes. Weight loss is 80% what you eat though (or so they say) and I console myself on the exercise front with our weekly ballroom classes. Hey it's a workout if you're unfit...

On the foodie front, The Creative Pot (my cooking blog) is going from strength to strength, I've even  had a couple of my recipes featured on food24. *grin* And this Sunday I'm attending the first ever South African food blogger conference. Hoping to connect with fellow SA foodies and learn a bit more regarding photography and marketing of my blog. I confess, I wouldn't mind turning the blogging thing into my main venture & source of income. But that's still a looooong way off. Of course, just as lady luck would have it, I broke out with a rather peculiar rash a week ago and my doctor informed me earlier this week that it'll be here to stay for 3 - 6 weeks. I'm sure that will make a superb first impression on my fellow food bloggers on Sunday.

In other more serious business-y news - our bond got approved (after a LOT of waiting) and we are awaiting the completion of our first property in June with bated breath. 

We seem to be into the whole home refurbishing thing at the moment, after tackling the nerd room, our bedroom also got a (tiny) makeover and we are currently busy with the kitchen. I'm thinking Italian chic with bold red stripes on the kitchen cupboards, matt silver knobs & handles and a much needed extra shelf above the cooking area. It's about time our poor abused kitchen got some tender loving care and at the moment anything's bound to look better than the tired old cream colour scheme.

Things I'm looking forward to in the next few months:
  • Grease @ The Artscape on the 20th of March
  • SA Food Blogger's conference on the 21st of March
  • Taste of Cape Town on the 27th of March
  • Bien Donne Cheese Festival (perhaps) in April (notice a food trend here?)
  • A few days at Goudini Spa with great friends in June - a very welcome midyear break
And of course all the long weekends in April - thank you Mr Zuma. At least one thing you do right...


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