Mirror mirror on the wall

Subtitle: Reflections

As in - looking back at the past year and anticipating with joy the year to come.

We all do it. And I think it's good to take stock of where you are and where you're going every once in a while. Not necessarily at the beginning of the year either (although it is quite convenient).

So, what happened in 2009?
  • I jumped back on the blogging bandwagon - somewhat on this blog and much more so on my cooking blog - The Creative Pot. I also have a fan page for my cooking blog on facebook - come check me out!
  • All the cooking made me a little rounder than I'd like to be - which is why my aim this year is to get trim & fit. Slow and steady wins the race, right? 
  • We celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary in February. Love you bug! As they say, time flies when you're having fun...
  • We attended KKNK in April (me for the 2nd time, TheHusband for the 1st time) and had a roaring good time.
  • I started tweeting - come and have a look here (private tweets) and here (cooking/eating related tweets).
  • We went to Casper's new show's opening night in the Artscape for my birthday in July and I met the man in person backstage. He is supershort!
  • We made a big decision (more on that in a future post though). Yes I'm going to keep you hanging here. :-)
  • We finally achieved some order in what used to be the hellhole/spareroom (or more affectionately known as the Nerdroom)
  • For the first time ever I experienced job insecurity, as a result of having to work short-time in October. Which was actually good in hindsight as it forced us to take a good, hard (long overdue) look at our finances. 
  • TheHusband and I became (superproud) godparents in October and couldn't stop smiling about it. Which of course lead to a whole slew of Godfather quotes...  
  • We embarked on our property investing venture in all seriousness this time. And are currently busy applying for bonds. Here's holding thumbs (and big toes) for being approved with favourable rates.
  • In December we attended the wedding of two friends who we'd introduced to each other back in 2006. Holla for the matchmakers!
So what happened with you?


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