Dodgy Omies & Bondage Boys

Last night we indulged in two activities that were polar opposites of each other.

First we went dancing with my best friend (Michelin Man) and her new victim, er... boyfriend, at Klipwerf - a rather interesting cultural phenomenon where couples get the opportunity to dance to music ranging from traditional boeremusiek, current Afrikaans "treffers", golden oldies and English chart-toppers. Always interesting, especially when you look at the various personality types you encounter at such a place.

First you have the Dodgy Old "Omie" - in his 50's, nice and mellow after his 7th Klippies & Cola, and fancying himself to be the stud of the town, able to score with girls half his age.

Next you have the Standard Slutty Girl - usually dressed in as little as possible, usually NOT with the body to match and doing choreographed pole dancing without the pole.

Third in our line up is the Hot Old Couple - they are usually in their 40's and keen to show off how passionate they can still be about each other. Their way of demonstrating this fact to the room is by some rather embarassing dirty-dancing style grinding.

Fourthly is the Kugel Poppie. Dressed in matching belt, high (usually platform) heels , designer (but badly fitting) jeans, and litlle sparkly top. Difficult to discern any facial expression through her thickly plastered make-up.

And last, but certainly not the least, the Rugby Buffoon. You will recognize him by the rugby jersey that he is proudly wearing and the determined, but stupid, expression on his face.

We spent the first half of our evening at Klipwerf, getting to know Michelin Man's new Michelin's Man. Just before midnight The Fiance received an sms from GreenDemon, saying that him and Just-ify! are now in Denim&Diamonds (a nightclub in Stellenbosch), in bondage gear. Recognizing that this was an opportunity not to be missed, we excused ourselves and headed back to Stellenbosch.

Upon arriving at D&D we immediately spotted GreenDemon & Just-ify! - in crowded places it's always handy to have above-average height friends. There they were - with chains clipped to a band around their necks, and attached to this, pink fluffy handcuffs. Interesting... Of course, GreenDemon proceeded to hook The Fiance with one of his cuffs, quite soon after our arrival. I knew hereenD
couldn't resist for too long... ;-) I soon found myself in the rather bizarre position of playing photographer to The Fiance and GreenDemon, playing it up for the camera with the bondage gear. Less secure girls would've been worried... Just-ify later joined in by spanking The Fiance with one of his chains. None of these antics however seemed to attract any attention whatsoever from the patrons - although I suppose that, in a nightclub, after midnight, nothing really raises eyebrows. Also met The Pony, Justi-fy!'s latest flame, and seems like a nice enough girl, although she was quick to assure me that she is not normally in schoolgirl attire. I just smiled... The evening was cut short however by the 21st celebrations of The Pony's friend which got the better of said friend. Let's just say he was on the wrong side of sober.

So an evening of extremes came to an end and we happily toddled off to bed.

Punch-drunk love

Ooooohhhh I'm so excited.

Three of my girlfriends are in those first few weeks of being hopelessly in love and I just love seeing them so happy. They have this GLOW about them, can't stop daydreaming about the man they're seeing and are just generally so loved up, they cannot focus on anyone else.

Sometimes it feels like a loss to think I'll never experience that again, but on the other hand I wouldn't trade what I have now for anything. I know that, whatever happens, I've got someone who's got my back covered, someone who'll drive to me 2 o'clock in the morning if I need him. Best of all is knowing that The Fiance loves me unconditionally, even after seeing me at my (very) worst.

I remember once, almost 2 years ago I think, we were out with friends and the place we were at had this cocktail promotion - two for the price of one. Being a sucker for a bargain (and at that point also still a cash-strapped student!), I made generous use of this offer. Problem was though, I kind of misjudged the amount of alcohol I was ingesting due to a couple of reasons:

a) It was served in a small glass jar as opposed to a normal glass
b) The fruity flavours was rather deceptive and masked the alcohol taste
c) The old "sipping-through-straws" (note the plural - it was TWO straws, not just one!) enabled me to get a lot more down my throat a lot faster

To make a long story short, I soon started to feel a bit dizzy and went to the bathrooom to try and compose myself. However, upon getting there, I realised that I was past the point of revival and could not drag myself up from the floor of the bathroom stall. My fiance (then boyfriend) started getting a bit worried at this point in time as it'd been quite a while since I excused myself from the table and came to the ladies' to investigate matters. Quite a feat in itself, seeing as he had to do careful planning to ensure there were no girls in the bathroom at that point in time. So, there I was, hugging my porcelain saviour, feeling rather out of it, when I suddenly heard something above me. I looked up and next thing I knew, he'd climbed into the bathrooom stall from the next door one. Apparently he'd been knocking on the door of the stall I was in for some time, but I had not heard a thing. (Well, in the state of mind I was in, that was hardly surprising... ) I've never been so glad to see someone. I know I would've passed out right there if I was left to my own devices for 5 more minutes. The night came to a rather abrupt end after that as my man made apologies for the both of us to our friends and carted me home. I seem to recall he had quite a hard time getting me to bed that night...

It's my party...

Well, I've aged since my last post. I am now the ripe old age of 24, and at times that fact is scarily apparent... Not so much in my state of mind, I actually feel rather ageless at the moment, I had to do a quick calculation when a friend asked me today how old I am now. But when I closely examine myself in the mirror, the lines around my eyes are starting to show. And you know it's bad when a friend comments on your grey strands! But I've made peace with that, as my mom says, it gives character - in which case, it seems I've got a LOT of character!

Unfortunately I had to work on my birthday. Well, I say unfortunate, but it wasn't actually that bad. Was a nice quiet day at the office, no hectic rush to do anything, so that was nice. And of course, the fact that it was a Friday and the weekend was the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

The evening was spent at home with my man - wine, cheese, mussels, oysters, a DVD.... and the rest is censored... ;-) I received quite a few cool gifts - most notably beautiful crystal earrings from my husband-to-be (that phrase feels very good to read!), glazed orange slices dipped in Belgian chocolate from my best friend and a funky notebook from another of my more quirky friends.

And on Thursday, as an early birthday present, I received my results from my first APT paper - I passed! Quite a feat, considering I got engaged 2 days before the test, and hence my focus was not entirely on the subject at hand! Next test is much too soon for my liking, the 19th of August. At least I've started studying, although that's also where it's stayed...

As for the wedding plans, it's going well. We're looking for a photographer at the moment, and meeting up with a reasonably priced one tomorrow afternoon to take a look at his portfolio. Here's hoping his work is good, it seems quite a few of the photographers are already booked for the 24th, so I want to book one ASAP. We're' hoping to get all the big stuff sorted out before the end of August, then we can sit back and relax in the run-up to our dream day. It hit me yesterday - I'm going to be married in just over 7 months!!!

Game, Set & Match!

The venue is booked for our wedding! 24th February 2007 is D-day, so watch this space...

This makes it much more real - and it's a great feeling. But a lot to suddenly get used to. I still catch myself referring to my fiance as my boyfriend, but apparently this transition takes time...

Now I'm all excited about booking the rest of the stuff - photographer, DJ etc. Been trawling around websites this morning and there are literally thousands out there! For anyone wanting a lucrative career, anything involving weddings is the perfect solution. It's become a real money-spinner, and what gripes me most is how suppliers try to milk you/your parents for even the most unneccesary detail of the day. Of course, everyone will tell you that this thinga-ma-bob is of crucial importance for the success of your day, when in reality this is the biggest load of junk. Every day I am more flabbergasted by all the expensive tidbits on offer.

Note to self: Keep wedding simple and not only will you save costs, but there is lots less opportunity for anything to go wrong.

WeddingDayCountDown: 7 months & 9 days

The Alien Species

12 July 2006

At the moment I’m auditing at an engineering firm, and I am always amazed by these strange creatures we call engineers. Let’s face it, no-one really understands what they do, not even to mention why they dress the way they do. So, when I’m afforded the opportunity to be in their presence I always take the opportunity to observe quietly and note just HOW different they are from normal life forms on earth.

Take today for example. It was lunchtime and I had some leftovers that needed heating up (in July in the Western Cape, hot food is a necessity, not a luxury). So I climb the stairs to the top floor where THEY sit. (Interesting to note that they are on an entirely different floor than the other staff – coincidence? I think not….). To start off with, the kitchen is inconveniently small; strange, if you consider that they are engineers after all, whose purpose in life is to design things to make life more convenient. So while one of them is busy in there, I wait in the hallway.

And here’s where my observation technique comes in handy. Because, without fail, they all comply with Enginerd Practice #7 – which is to stare at any member of the female species as if they’d never seen one before. Understandable, I suppose, if you take into account that their university years were spent mostly in social isolation from girls (the few females opting to study engineering are so bizarre, they do not seem to fit the normal female mould anyway). So, they all proceeded to stare at, no – inspect – me as I stood there, as if they were trying to reverse engineer the female form. Normally, glances one gets from the opposite sex tend to be quite flattering. However, when it is this kind of clinical inspection, the correct word seems to be creepy.

However, all said, I still love 'em...

Panic Attack!

My parents. Again. Well- meaning, I suppose but sometimes so damn clueless as to what effect they're having on their children. Then again, I don't think anyone would have children if they ever knew that...
The latest overreaction/panic attack is linked to the wedding planning. Mine that is. (or should I say ours? I sometimes forget). And it seems there's not too much I can do - either I give them information and they overreact to that, or I give them nothing, they proceed to make assumptions and then overreact on those. Lose-lose situation..

Anyway, I've decided to put my blindfold back on with regards to other people's insistence on giving you all the advice you never needed. Take it with a pinch of salt, sieve through the info, take out the useful bits (if any) and toss out the rest.

I seem to be coming off very negatively in this first post. Oh well, at least you, dear reader is getting the pure unadulterated version of me.

But I am excited about the planning though. We've set a date - the 24th of February 2007 - and a venue - Morgenhof, a wine estate just outside Stellenbosch. It's absolutely beautiful there, not stuffy and overly formal like some other venues I've seen. I don't think I'd fit in with that kind of vibe anyway... But Morgenhof... we're onto a winner. And the best of all is that we have the perfect date too - our third anniversary.

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