Punch-drunk love

Ooooohhhh I'm so excited.

Three of my girlfriends are in those first few weeks of being hopelessly in love and I just love seeing them so happy. They have this GLOW about them, can't stop daydreaming about the man they're seeing and are just generally so loved up, they cannot focus on anyone else.

Sometimes it feels like a loss to think I'll never experience that again, but on the other hand I wouldn't trade what I have now for anything. I know that, whatever happens, I've got someone who's got my back covered, someone who'll drive to me 2 o'clock in the morning if I need him. Best of all is knowing that The Fiance loves me unconditionally, even after seeing me at my (very) worst.

I remember once, almost 2 years ago I think, we were out with friends and the place we were at had this cocktail promotion - two for the price of one. Being a sucker for a bargain (and at that point also still a cash-strapped student!), I made generous use of this offer. Problem was though, I kind of misjudged the amount of alcohol I was ingesting due to a couple of reasons:

a) It was served in a small glass jar as opposed to a normal glass
b) The fruity flavours was rather deceptive and masked the alcohol taste
c) The old "sipping-through-straws" (note the plural - it was TWO straws, not just one!) enabled me to get a lot more down my throat a lot faster

To make a long story short, I soon started to feel a bit dizzy and went to the bathrooom to try and compose myself. However, upon getting there, I realised that I was past the point of revival and could not drag myself up from the floor of the bathroom stall. My fiance (then boyfriend) started getting a bit worried at this point in time as it'd been quite a while since I excused myself from the table and came to the ladies' to investigate matters. Quite a feat in itself, seeing as he had to do careful planning to ensure there were no girls in the bathroom at that point in time. So, there I was, hugging my porcelain saviour, feeling rather out of it, when I suddenly heard something above me. I looked up and next thing I knew, he'd climbed into the bathrooom stall from the next door one. Apparently he'd been knocking on the door of the stall I was in for some time, but I had not heard a thing. (Well, in the state of mind I was in, that was hardly surprising... ) I've never been so glad to see someone. I know I would've passed out right there if I was left to my own devices for 5 more minutes. The night came to a rather abrupt end after that as my man made apologies for the both of us to our friends and carted me home. I seem to recall he had quite a hard time getting me to bed that night...


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