It's my party...

Well, I've aged since my last post. I am now the ripe old age of 24, and at times that fact is scarily apparent... Not so much in my state of mind, I actually feel rather ageless at the moment, I had to do a quick calculation when a friend asked me today how old I am now. But when I closely examine myself in the mirror, the lines around my eyes are starting to show. And you know it's bad when a friend comments on your grey strands! But I've made peace with that, as my mom says, it gives character - in which case, it seems I've got a LOT of character!

Unfortunately I had to work on my birthday. Well, I say unfortunate, but it wasn't actually that bad. Was a nice quiet day at the office, no hectic rush to do anything, so that was nice. And of course, the fact that it was a Friday and the weekend was the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

The evening was spent at home with my man - wine, cheese, mussels, oysters, a DVD.... and the rest is censored... ;-) I received quite a few cool gifts - most notably beautiful crystal earrings from my husband-to-be (that phrase feels very good to read!), glazed orange slices dipped in Belgian chocolate from my best friend and a funky notebook from another of my more quirky friends.

And on Thursday, as an early birthday present, I received my results from my first APT paper - I passed! Quite a feat, considering I got engaged 2 days before the test, and hence my focus was not entirely on the subject at hand! Next test is much too soon for my liking, the 19th of August. At least I've started studying, although that's also where it's stayed...

As for the wedding plans, it's going well. We're looking for a photographer at the moment, and meeting up with a reasonably priced one tomorrow afternoon to take a look at his portfolio. Here's hoping his work is good, it seems quite a few of the photographers are already booked for the 24th, so I want to book one ASAP. We're' hoping to get all the big stuff sorted out before the end of August, then we can sit back and relax in the run-up to our dream day. It hit me yesterday - I'm going to be married in just over 7 months!!!


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