Game, Set & Match!

The venue is booked for our wedding! 24th February 2007 is D-day, so watch this space...

This makes it much more real - and it's a great feeling. But a lot to suddenly get used to. I still catch myself referring to my fiance as my boyfriend, but apparently this transition takes time...

Now I'm all excited about booking the rest of the stuff - photographer, DJ etc. Been trawling around websites this morning and there are literally thousands out there! For anyone wanting a lucrative career, anything involving weddings is the perfect solution. It's become a real money-spinner, and what gripes me most is how suppliers try to milk you/your parents for even the most unneccesary detail of the day. Of course, everyone will tell you that this thinga-ma-bob is of crucial importance for the success of your day, when in reality this is the biggest load of junk. Every day I am more flabbergasted by all the expensive tidbits on offer.

Note to self: Keep wedding simple and not only will you save costs, but there is lots less opportunity for anything to go wrong.

WeddingDayCountDown: 7 months & 9 days


Just-ify! said...

Piece of advice, invite only the special people in your life. Less is often more.

Although your parents may insist that Tannie Johanna from the Freestate who babysat you for 2 days when you were 4 years old should be there - The reality is that you haven't seen her in 10 years, and although she'll wish you the best, she and her 5 kids are only there for the free food and drink.

And on that note, have you decided on a policy for kids? Remember, R200+ per person type of catering could get rather pricey with brats who only eat two bites of your prize meal ;-)

I say throw the kids in the pot, or tell them to stay at home with tannie Johanna and cartoon network.

But thats only me ;-)

The Woman said...

hmmm yesssss...

although I LOVE kids (as all my friends know) we have decided that there will be no kiddies at the wedding - as you say it pushes the costs up, the kids don't appreciate it anyway and I really do NOT want a screaming toddler running around just when I say "I do"

Screaming friends at the reception, however, are more than welcome... ;-)

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