Panic Attack!

My parents. Again. Well- meaning, I suppose but sometimes so damn clueless as to what effect they're having on their children. Then again, I don't think anyone would have children if they ever knew that...
The latest overreaction/panic attack is linked to the wedding planning. Mine that is. (or should I say ours? I sometimes forget). And it seems there's not too much I can do - either I give them information and they overreact to that, or I give them nothing, they proceed to make assumptions and then overreact on those. Lose-lose situation..

Anyway, I've decided to put my blindfold back on with regards to other people's insistence on giving you all the advice you never needed. Take it with a pinch of salt, sieve through the info, take out the useful bits (if any) and toss out the rest.

I seem to be coming off very negatively in this first post. Oh well, at least you, dear reader is getting the pure unadulterated version of me.

But I am excited about the planning though. We've set a date - the 24th of February 2007 - and a venue - Morgenhof, a wine estate just outside Stellenbosch. It's absolutely beautiful there, not stuffy and overly formal like some other venues I've seen. I don't think I'd fit in with that kind of vibe anyway... But Morgenhof... we're onto a winner. And the best of all is that we have the perfect date too - our third anniversary.


Phillip said...

Hi love!! Great to see you online! :)

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