Grumble Rumble

What is the deal with inconsiderate morons?

This morning I got woken up at 4 o’clock by students returning from a night out (presumably) blasting Bok van Blerk – of ALL things! – at full volume. Now first off, let me say that I am a very sound sleeper, so the mere fact that it awoke me speaks volumes (pun intended) about the decibel at which the music was being blasted.

So I lay there for a few moments hoping against hope that it would stop without me having to move a muscle. Alas, it was not to be. After a few annoying minutes, the music died down, only to be replaced by an extra loud conversation underneath my window. The acoustics of the quad also didn’t improve matters.

Finally I got up, opened up the window and asked the moron to please keep quiet as I was trying to sleep. To which the arrogant bastard replied, “Sorry, I can’t!” This made my blood boil, but luckily the conversation only lasted another few minutes, before the idiot went inside to get some sleep.

Now as we all know, it’s virtually impossible to get back to sleep at that time of the morning, however I did at last manage.

Can’t say I didn’t have an urge to turn the music up to top volume at 6:20 when I had to get up. Unfortutely I have too much consideration for my other neighbours, unlike other people.

What’s that about nice guys finishing last?


greendemon said...

As my dad says, "Politeness costs nothing but has a lot of buying power". Sadly, most people don't realise this.

Btw that finishing last thing is only true for guys, not gals. Gals get what they want by being nice.

E.g. if you had given the bloke a smile, hit the right pose against the window frame and said "Would you mind turning that down, big boy? *wink*" I'm sure he would have complied faster than I could shout "shutthefckup".

The Woman said...

LOL, good point. But I don't think Phil would be too impressed by me flirting with some drunk guy in the middle of the night... ;-)

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