Feminine Gripes

I'm busy job hunting at the moment and boy does that open up a whole new Pandora's box!

I've had my brush with feminism in the past, but have since learned to tone my views down a bit for the sake of actually getting along with people (read: men). And so far it's been good.

But boy, oh boy, have my beliefs been challenged these past few weeks. Because of one little (innocent?) question that every recruiter or potential employer keeps asking me:

"So, when do you intend on having children?"

Subtext: So, when will you stop becoming useful to us/the world/as an individual with dreams & ambitions?

I mean, YES, of course children is in the (near-ish) future for me as a woman. And YES I'll be off on maternity leave for a few months. But that's just one of the facts of life. I mean, somehow the population has to grow! And it doesn't change anything with regards to my skills, my talents and my ambitions.

Call it naivety, but I truly thought that we had come further by now, to not just see women as breeding units anymore, but as people with something to offer besides children. And anyone who knows me will know I'm crazy about children and would LOVE to have some of my own, but I don't see how that would cause me to negate my studies (which took 4 years) as well as the 3 years I've spent working as a semi-slave in order to get my qualification.

And it seems it doesn't get better once you actually have the children and will no longer be having more. Then you get asked things like "Well, how will you handle it when one of the children get sick?". But I've yet to hear of a man (who already has children) to be asked the same question. Because "it's not his responsibility", I suppose.

This country has the most ridiculous laws against discrimination; one example is that you can't discriminate against someone with Aids (who will definitely stop being productive a few years down the line). However nothing is being done to stop this blatant discrimination against women.

Go figure.


greendemon said...

Where I am, femi-nazism is rampant - the entire society is female-oriented to an insane and destructive degree.

On the plus side (and fairly, I believe), women get a lot of maternity support from the government and leave from work (the dads too) and there is great equality in the workplace.

On the minus side, there exists an unproductive trend in society to
depict men as insensitive, bungling sex-mad chauvinist fools who are only good for monetary exploitation and amusement purposes. Oh, and as sperm generators. (Of course, the moment those clever scientists figure out a way to do this artificially, men will become completely redundant here.)

Sometimes I think what this country really needs is an invasion by Russia - that would nicely demonstrate the value of men.

*breathes deeply*

I agree that SA is still too patriarchal in its outlook (e.g. the typical cotton-wool-wrapping of little princesses, as in the case of SUN residences...wtf?), but the inverse would be much worse, with the country's state of affairs being what it is.

The Woman said...

True, true. Why can't there just be a decent balance (here and there)?

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