Maternal Unit

So, there I was, excited beyond belief to receive a visit from the maternal unit, after 8 months of absence.

And it was ever so good, brilliant in fact, for the first few hours. After which she started to drive me insane! Don't get me wrong, I love my mom dearly, but damnit the woman needs to learn how to switch off.

She kept on cleaning things for the entire 3 days she stayed at our flat (she is still in town, but staying with my aunt now). And, for the first little while, the cleaning is appreciated, but then it starts getting too much. I mean I woke up yesterday, to find her washing the windows! Now that to me is ridiculous at any time of the day, let alone before 7 in the morning. But how do you tell your mother to stop, well, being a mother?

But it wasn't just about the cleaning. She also decided to play interior decorator.

Q - "Don't you think this chair will look better over here?"

If I thought so, I would've put it there in the first place, right?


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