Confucius says: "BOM?"

Well, I've started my new job, and man, do I feel like a fish out of water!

This is due to a couple of factors:

  • The office is tiny (only 9 employees, including me) - quite a contrast to my previous job where there were over a hundred employees.
  • Everyone is so Q-U-I-E-T.
  • I'm surrounded by engineers!!!!! (well, actually I sit in a corner, but you get the idea)
Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against engineers (hey, I married one, I have to say that), but boy they do make you feel like a moron, without even trying. The thing is, with most other jobs you at least have a general idea of what the person does and of some of the terms that gets used. With engineers it's a bit like feeling around in the dark... and bumping your head everytime!

Today, the boss had to explain their products to me - the most thorough discussion I've ever had involving a PCB... Now I must admit, at first I felt a bit chuffed with myself, as some of the terms were familiar to me courtesy of The Husband (not that I had much clue as to the meaning of most of those terms), but as he went on, I quickly realised I'd let myself in for a LOT more than anticipated. But I suppose this is a good way of broadening my horizons - and appreciating my husband a LOT more!


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