Last night I had a revelation.

TheHusband had to work on a project at home, trying to, um..., well I don't know exactly what he was trying to do! Which is the part of the point of this particular entry.

It was amazing to just watch him work - tinkering with circuitboards, various electronic components, computer simulations and measuring devices. This is a field where my knowledge is VERY limited (to matric science to be precise), and it was quite interesting to see him do "his thing" with such confidence and preciseness.

First off, I would've lost my temper quite early on, as he had to keep on modifying the circuit over and over again to get the correct results, since each time the results were not quite as expected. Quite frankly I don't have the patience for things like that. If I expect something to work and it doesn't work I get extremely frustrated. Call it a character flaw, I prefer to refer to it as "preserving my sanity".

And secondly I found myself intrigued and... dare I say it: turned on by the knowledge he had of his field. Especially in reference to my limited knowledge thereof. And I was in literally in awe of him.

I've always had a thing for intelligent men...


Titania said...

Gotta agree with your there - there's just something about a man who knows his way around technical stuff... Mutual admiration is integral to a relationship - I'm sure he is just as awed by some of the things you do that he couldn't possibly attempt to do as skilfully.

greendemon said...

Nothing strokes a man's ego like the awe of his partner... Hubby is a lucky man to have one such as you. Don't let him forget it ;)

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