The Amazing Longwinded Man

Well it's been my 3rd day back at the office and so far it's okay. Not doing much work, but that's to be expected in the first week back in Jan.

The cool news is that us clerks were moved around again, so I could finally move away from my super crappy old spot (it had boss-sneaking-up-on-me capabilities, what with my back to the walkway, which kind of puts a cramp in one's emailing style...), to my new improved private corner WITH a
window, I might add. Lovely! And wonderful for my non-work pursuits...

Well we managed to find a lawyer, although may I just use this moment to
object against lawyers that will happily charge you double what another one will for doing the EXACT SAME thing! But then, we knew lawyers weren't exactly stand-up people (apologies to all lawyers out there, but you know it's true!). So we proceeded to almost get lost in trying to find this guy's office and, upon getting there, almost wish we had. Got lost, that is. I've never met anyone who talks slower than this guy. Granted, he is close to retirement age, but geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzz. I could've rattled off his whole spiel in 5 minutes flat, whereas he comfortably stretched it out to almost 45 minutes. In the end I was just glad it was over, as I was on the verge of clawing out my eyeballs.

Again proving that old adage - there's nothing like a free lunch. If you want to go for the cheaper option, you'll pay for your choice in some other way...


greendemon said...

I suppose the longwindedness is a professional habit cultivated by years of being paid to conduct litigation by the hour. *breathe*

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