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So happy as The Husband is flying back tonight after a weeklong business trip to Pretoria. Sadly the feeling will be shortlived as he flies back on Sunday for another week, but I’m trying to delay that thought until Sunday evening. In the meantime – utter bliss for the 48 hours that we’ll spend together.

Makes me think about these Hollywood types whose entire marriages play out like this. For us, luckily, this is only a temporary arrangement, for them, a way of life. Which begs the question of how stable such a marriage can be? Does absence really make the heart grow fonder or is out of sight, out of mind at the order of the day? For me, absence seems to make the heart grow fonder, but I do believe that this hinges on the fact that it’s only for a week at a time at most. When your spouse is away for 3 months filming on the other side of the world it’s hard to believe that your marriage can stay strong. Part of marriage surely is to grow together and be together and live together. I just can’t help but wonder what it’s like when they do spend time together. Can they see each other for who they really are or are both of them wearing rose-tinted glasses?

Seems to be a plausible explanation for the high rate of divorce in Hollywood. What I don’t understand is why so many of them get married so quickly, only to get divorced just as quickly. Surely one puts more thought into a life-changing decision such as marriage? Evidently not.

Problem is, people view marriage as just another step in their relationship “to prove my love for him/her”. They don’t seem to get that it is a life-long commitment. Of course, these days that's no longer a given with the ease of getting a divorce. Sure, there are some cases when a divorce is the best option, but I’d take a guess that’s only true in about 10% of the divorce cases around the world. The rest are just people not wanting to make an effort and not honouring a promise made to each other.

Do our promises mean so little these days?


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I saw your comment on the dilbert blog and came over to say hi. And then I see you're from South Africa - lovely to meet you :)

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