Cavemen & Keyable Options

Went to watch “Defending the Cavemen” at the Theatre on the Bay on Saturday night and let me tell you all the reviews were on the spot. The show is brilliant and it’s clear to see why it is now in it’s 10th year running. Alan Committie does a great job of exploiting the differences between the sexes for comedic relief, however manages to avoid it being offensive for either sex – quite a feat. I can highly recommend this show – it managed to clear up quite a few things for me along with the belly laughs it provided.

Back at work we’re busy developing a new product (well, when I say ‘we’, I mean my engineer-colleagues of course). However I’m expecting to play quite an important role in this as I have to perform a viability study at a certain juncture in the project. I’ve only just started to gather the information, and already this has provided for a few amusing incidents. When asked how long it would take to develop certain “keyable options” (watch me work that lingo…) the engineers responded with mild bafflement – it seems there was a bit of a communication gap between sales & development as sales is fully intent on selling these keyable options. However what I don’t understand was them asking me to explain these keyable options. Honestly, did they really think I’d be able to explain it to them? So I merely shrugged and referred each department to the other to sort it out. Aaahahhhhh the joys of being a bystander… (and simultaneously putting my colleagues to work!).


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