Why is it that we sometimes have dreams we really enjoy until we start to think about them the next morning when we wake up and come the the unsettling realization that the event that took place in your dreams wouldn’t really be that enjoyable in real life. In fact most of the times it would just be downright weird or even creepy.

Of course there are also those times when you find it difficult to decide whether or not the event would be enjoyable had it occurred in real life. Those times strike me as the most unsettling, because of the indecisiveness of the matter. At least in the first scenario you know how you feel, while with this it just leaves you feeling… well, that’s the point! You don’t know how it makes you feel. The thing is the event that you enjoyed so much in your dream is usually some sort of forbidden fruit that you technically shouldn’t want and at the very least shouldn’t enjoy when it happens. Yet you find yourself wondering…

This happened to me last night and I’m still wondering.

Anyone know how to contact the dreamweaver?


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