A Long Long Time Ago

Been going through my box full of old letters and photo's and man! it took me waaaaaaaaaaay back.

Thinking of myself back then, I feel like I'm a totally different person now. Mostly "better" different, but different none the less. And it's quite bizarre to think of yourself in terms like that. I mean, to me I'm just, well, me. What I mean to say is that I don't really think about myself as a distinct person, until confronted with the self of the past. I sometimes want to go back and just talk to her and prevent a lot of stupid decisions! Although, I suppose that's a self-defeating mission, as I wouldn't know to go warn her if it didn't happen. Mostly I'm grateful for everything that's happened and everything I've been through.

I do feel though that a lot of my innocence has been lost. I'm well and truly past that bright-eyed wondrous stage in a lot of ways. But in a lot of other ways I'm only entering that phase now. And it's magical. More magical now. I can identify and fully appreciate the feeling now, something which I never could do in the past. I feel like a lot of the time I've been very disconnected from my feelings and not as spontaneous as I could have been. There was a time when I was a lot more serious, a lot more planned, measured, controlled. And it's absolutely great to let go of that with so much abandon. To experience life in abundance, to FEEL freely and passionately.

I'm loving every moment of my life currently!

Mr & Mrs

The NEW Ball & Chain

Yup, so I'm officially a "Missus" and it feels great!

Got back from the holiday part of our honeymoon on Thursday and today marks the last official day of the honeymoon. Uuuurgggh can't wait to get back to work....

I still sometimes can't believe I'm now actually married. It feels a little surreal, especially for the bit that we were on holiday, but now that we're home again (in OUR flat!
!!), it's starting to sink in a bit. And of course the l-o-o-o-o-ng wait in Home Affairs on Friday to change my surname helped with that...

TheHusband has now moved most of his stuff across (well, the stuff he needs on a day-2-day basis anyway), but there are still some odds and ends left at his previous place - I don't know where we're going to find space for it! I've discovered that he has been hoarding a LOT more stuff than I thought. Example: While helping him pack up, I found 4 empty cooldrink bottles. Upon enquiring why this has been kept for so long (about a year), I was informed that he just never got round to exchanging it for money. I ask
you! But in all fairness, I'm quite high up in the hoarding stakes myself, so I guess it is a little bit of the pot calling the kettle black!

And in the spirit of all the award shows that we've had recently, a few Wedding awards:

  • Best part of the run-up to the wedding: The anticipation of the rest of our lives together
  • Worst part of the run-up to the wedding: The squabbles over small meaningless things - yes people, it DOES happen, the stress starts to get to you in those last few weeks
  • Best part of the actual wedding day: The vows - they were incredibly meaningful to me
  • Most fun part of the wedding day: The dancing
  • Most tear-inducing part of the wedding day: Just after walking up the aisle, standing in front of the pastor with my soon-to-be husband, the reality of the moment engulfed me...
  • Funniest part of the wedding day: TheHusband and I were busy talking to some guests, arm in arm, when one of his friends sneaked up from behind and held his hand. TheHusband, thinking itwas MY hand, started stroking it, much to the delight of the table next to us
  • Most surprising result of the day: The hook-up of my gothic cousin with TheHusbands long darkhaired cousin. Apparently they're together 24/7 now
  • Best part of the honeymoon: Well.... use your imagination!

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