Why is it that a seemingly inoccent request from your boss can leave you walking a thin line between breaking down in tears or delivering a window-shattering yell as you tell him/her exactly what you think of their little

I had the pleasure of working overtime on Tuesday. Let me first say, that I don't mind working overtime per se, what I do mind, is if said overtime falls into my lap unexpectedly, through someone else's poor, no LACK, of planning. Of course, it goes without saying, that I already had other plans for Tuesday evening (which did NOT inclued work in any form)

The cause of my misery on Tuesday was the fact that I was informed just before lunch time on Tuesday that my boss had arranged a meeting with the client on Wednesday morning, in spite of the fact that he had not yet reviewed the file and given it back to me to make the neccessary changes and print out the final stuff for the meeting. (this being about 2/3 months after I'd completed my work and handed him the file).

So, there I was, in Cape Town city centre at another client, with no way of even starting with the work for the meeting until I got back in Stellenbosch, which would be 5 o'clock at the soonest.

And, to top matters of, I arrived back, to find out that the meeting involves work that someone else did, but seeing as it's after 5, she's already left and hence who gets to finalise that as well??? You guessed it. So you can imagine my fury, when, upon mentioning this fact to said boss, he just replied with, "Well, who's final responsibility was this - yours or the other girl's?" Of course, I only came up with the perfect reply later on - which was "YOURS!" (meaning my boss's).


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