New Beginnings

Spring is here!!!!! And isn't it lovely? For the first time in ages (that I can remember anyway) the 1st day of spring was a lovely, sunny day. Although the lovely sunniness, coupled with the fact that we could wear casual clothes to work yesterday, did not do much to aid productivity in the workplace... In fact, got a bit of a talking-to from one of the managers, but I didn't really take it to seriously since NO-one was really working hard yesterday (including the managers, who prank called one of the clerks later on. So much for the seriousness of the auditing business...)

Any-whoo, I've got other great news. I FINALLY (after more than a month ladies and gentlemen) received my brand-spanking-new laptop. Bliss. It's gorgeous (well I think so anyway) and soooo much better than my old crappy TOS-hiba. For those of you that are more computer-inclined (read: "geeky"), you can go check out the specs at For the other people (read: "normal"), here's a pic of the new techno-accessory in my life.

AND also TheFiancee got a new (well, new to him anyway!) laptop too. He's been dreaming about a laptop for some time now and finally took the plunge and swopped his pc for a laptop. For the geeks among you, it's a Dell Latitude C600. ;-)

AND TheFiancee also got a cool new car!!! It's a lot bigger than the old one (an Opel Corsa) and... well, it's just cool! My apologies for my rather non-existent vehicle knowledge, wish I could describe it better, but other than the fact that it's a Ford Focus, I'm not really able to elaborate too much on the whole thing...

Well, now I have to be off to go buy some ingredients - I'm baking a black forest cake for TheFiance's birthday tomorrow.


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