I pity the fool!

I've been reliving my 80's childhood these past few weeks. First, I bought TheFiance a KnightRider dvd, (featuring our beloved Hoff) then his brother bought a box set dvd's of The A-Team and so the fun began. Every so often, we watch an episode or two, and man, does it take you WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY back!

Let's rewind: The 80's - when life was still simple, tv-shows were all about good clean fun (and looking back, super dodgy!) and you were only allowed to watch the 7
0'clock show before you were sent to bed at 8. And that was it, no matter how much you begged and pleaded. After 8 there was nothing else for kids to do but lay in bed. (Do kids' these days still have an official bedtime? Anyway, that's not really the point...). But man, how we lived for those 7 0'clock shows, from A-Team, to MacGyver, Knightrider, Miami Vice and a little closer to home Vyfster was a winner. Remember Skollie? Looking back, of course, very white trash, but back then, the phrase did not puncture popular culture and we were happy with pretty much anything that was served up as long as there was some action, a bit of humour and a catchy tune.

Now, few people will admit how hooked they were and will all too often offer up a pitying "What were they thinking?", but consider this - how many hours did you spend as a kid, just waiting for the intro to start? How many fond memories do you have of those shows? How many times have you, unwittingly, quoted from one of these golden oldies? As Mr T says: Crazy Fool! And, now, kitsch has become cool again, with the remake of Miami Vice.

Goes to show, a classic never goes out of style. Hats of to the eighties, those glorious years!


abk1030 said...

I myself am an 80's child. Congrats on the upcoming nuptials! Thanks for leaving the nice comment on my website. My husband, Chris and I actually just got married in April 2006 so I know all the fun you are going through. I hope your wedding is evrything you imagined it to be! Congrats!!!

Justin_Alberts said...

Watcha lookin at, Sucka-Fool??!!!

greendemon said...

Don't forget "Die Swart Kat"...

Anonymous said...


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