I had a strange dream last night. I was at my 10 year high school reunion (which is coming up next year) and everyone who was in class with me was there. And I had a good time. Why strange? Because I don't know if I even want to go to my reunion. No scratch that - I'm pretty sure I don't want to attend such an event.

I know, I know:
"But it'll be nice to see everyone, catch up"

"Even if you don't like it, you can still laugh at how bad the people you didn't like turned out"

"But, that's just, you know, what you DO"

But it's not that simple. As you probably know (or at least suspect) by now - I was numero uno N3RD back in high school. Of course, I still retain my nerd roots, but it's just more accepted now that I'm no longer in school. High school is a very unforgiving place. You have to be cool. Something, I unfortunately (or fortunately??) never achieved. And thus was a bit of an outcast. Really, their are very few people from high school that I would like to catch up with. And besides... isn't that what facebook is for? So I can pick & choose those I want to keep in touch with and shun those I don't?

Yes, I'm talking to you Ms I'mSoPopularIHaveNoTimeForTheLittlePeople.


Pikaboe said...

Ek is heeltemal met jou op die hele SHOULD I GO SHOULD I STAY...
...ek weet ook nie so mooi nie... ek wonder self.

Dis 'n topic waaroor ek maar nog moet besluit. Hang alles af van waar ek in die wye wye wereld gaan wees... miskien hoef ek nie die keuse uit te oefen nie. Things will happen the way they should!!!

The Woman said...

Ja, kom ons hoop maar so!

elrieta said...

Ek stem vir facebook! Ek was self nie by my skool reunie nie, maar ... i saw the pictures!

Ek was 'n bietjie 'sad' dat ek 'n paar ou maatjies misgeloop het, maar ook bly dat ek sommiges WEL misgeloop het.

Facebook all the way...! ;-)

Lauren said...

Ek is mal oor jou blog!

Lauren said...

o ja! ek dink jy moet gaan na jou reunion!Sien dit as n pelgremstog!

The Woman said...

Dankie vir die input - sal maar nog sien of ek my moed kan bymekaarskraap! :-)

Juno said...

Just read your comment on my recipe for beetroot and cumin dip: thank you! I love that you have a 'torrid' love affair with cumin. Me too, doll.

cindi said...

I have never moved away from where I went to high school so I see some people pretty regularly. I did not attend my 10 year reunion and am glad I didn't. Everyone that I talked to said it was a joke and no one had changed. I did attend my 20th and it was a great time. Different people planned it and it was nice to reconnect with some people. More time had passed and more "life" had happened. Just a little note on my experience. Hope it helps your decision-making process.

(tallysoma from swap-bot)

natalie a said...

well first off - thanks for popping over to my blog when josie came to post - I love meeting new people don't you? :)

as for the 10 year, we just had ours a couple years ago - glad I didn't go! I had a lot of friends that did and I have to say - 10 years sounds like enough time for those classmates to grow up and get a life, but alas it's just not.... maybe I'll attend my 20year ... only if I'm smoking hot and ready to shun all those cheerleaders who STILL think their ____ don't stink! :).... ok petty moment over... moving on ;) wink

Willem said...

Ha ha :) I know what you mean! Yeah, still going to have to think about going... or not.

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