The New Nerd Times - Afternoon Edition

I’ve had a chance to settle into my new job. Although I don’t really know if my 2 weeks experience can be counted, seeing as the boss (a.k.a Bossman Bing) has been away for the last week. And as we all know, things tend to be slightly different when the cat is gone…

That aside, I do feel a bit more comfortable in my current position. Of course, I am still WAY out of the comfort zone I had created for myself at my last job, but I think it’s good. (Note to self: I must get out of the habit of comparing everything to my last job!).

I’ve been moaning about my predecessor who um… well let’s just say that he didn’t really do his work properly. I could think of more descriptive ways to describe the state of affairs, but that might cause this blog to adopt a “not suitable for minors”-rating. Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that I actually shouldn’t complain about it. I’m actually enjoying sorting everything out and reconciling accounts into oblivion, sad as it may sound. And of course the thought has popped into my head that, if it were not for the crap I had to sort out, I wouldn’t have too much to do on a day-to-day basis. Which sounds pretty good, but believe me, it’s not (refer to a previous post I did on that very subject).

So, to sum things up:

I’m enjoying my new work, give or take a few minor details.

One of the highlights of my day is the quiet amusement I get from my co-workers. The engi-nerds, I mean engi-neers. During the course of everyday, at some point there is a discussion regarding the pros and cons of a particular Linux distro (that’s distribution or VERSION for those of you less familiar with nerd-lingo). It is endearing, I must admit. What I do admire about them, is their uncompromising passion for what they do. This is not as prevalent in other career choices. I mean, even during power cuts, they will talk about work-related stuff! What is up with that? With me staring into space and trying not to appear too bored...

I do find it interesting, but I prefer to get my nerd-quota in small doses, thank you very much.

Confucius says: "BOM?"

Well, I've started my new job, and man, do I feel like a fish out of water!

This is due to a couple of factors:

  • The office is tiny (only 9 employees, including me) - quite a contrast to my previous job where there were over a hundred employees.
  • Everyone is so Q-U-I-E-T.
  • I'm surrounded by engineers!!!!! (well, actually I sit in a corner, but you get the idea)
Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against engineers (hey, I married one, I have to say that), but boy they do make you feel like a moron, without even trying. The thing is, with most other jobs you at least have a general idea of what the person does and of some of the terms that gets used. With engineers it's a bit like feeling around in the dark... and bumping your head everytime!

Today, the boss had to explain their products to me - the most thorough discussion I've ever had involving a PCB... Now I must admit, at first I felt a bit chuffed with myself, as some of the terms were familiar to me courtesy of The Husband (not that I had much clue as to the meaning of most of those terms), but as he went on, I quickly realised I'd let myself in for a LOT more than anticipated. But I suppose this is a good way of broadening my horizons - and appreciating my husband a LOT more!

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