The Big Bad List

So. I've stumbled upon an interesting meme and decided to take part in it.

The Mission:

Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days

Start date: Sunday 12 October 2008
Finish date: Saturday 9 July 2011

Magical Mystery Tour/Day Tripper

001. Spend a day at the amusement park & go on all the rides
002. Play a round of paintball
003. Go to an art exhibition
004. Go see an improv show
005. Go play putt-putt
006. See 6 live shows (2/6)
- KKNK (Apr09)
007. Go ice-skating
008. Go Geocaching
009. Attend an International Food Evening in the Neelsie
010. Go to the theatre 3 times (3/3) - Apr09
011. Go strawberry picking
012. Try 10 new restaurants out (4/10)
- Irish Pub, Durban (Dec08)
- Melissa's, Stellenbosch (Feb09)
- Manoushe, Stellenbosch (Apr09)
- Braza, Canal Walk (Jun09)
013. Have a picnic - Feb09

Honey Pie/Strawberry Fields

014. Plan weekday meals & do grocery shopping on a weekly basis - doing this on a regular basis, consider it done
015. Give Brussels sprouts one more try - Oct08
016. Make gluhwein
017. Make ginger beer
018. Roast a whole chicken
019. Try 10 new foods (3/10)
- Belgian endive (Oct08)
- Fennel (Dec08)
- Sauerkraut (Jun09)
020. Make a meal based on a colour-theme - Apr09 (YELLOW)
Starter - Stuffed Pattypans
Main - Yellowpepper & Fontina Salad with a creamy mustartd dressing
- Sweetcorn fritters
Dessert - Caramelized Pineapple with Butterscotch sauce
021. Make ice-cream/sorbet from scratch
022. Make chocolate salami - Dec08
023. Cook 5 things out of every cookbook I own (5/150)
024. Make & bottle something
025. Bake bread

Revolution/I Want You (She's So Heavy)

026. Eat two vegetarian main meals per week - doing so on a regular basis, consider it done
027. Lose 7 kgs (0/7)
028. Exercise for 30 mins, 3 times a week for 12 weeks (2/12) (re-started on 29.06.2009)
029. Touch my toes (without bending my knees!)
030. Drink 4 glasses of water each day - doing so on a regular basis, consider it done
031. Ban sweets for 1 week, 10 times (0/10)
032. Eat only raw foods for 5 days (not consecutive) (0/5)

Ticket to Ride/The Long & Winding Road

033. Go away for a weekend, 5 times (1/5)
- Goudini Spa (Jun09)
034. Go to Darling and visit Evita se Perron for a meal & a show
035. Get a passport & visit another country
036. Take a boattrip to Robben Island
037. Go to the beach
038. Go on a winetour (at least 5 winefarms)
039. Go on a roadtrip somewhere I've never been before

Can't Buy Me Love/You Never Give Me Your Money

040. Celebrate Buy Nothing Day(Nov 29) each year (0/3)
041. Attend a Treoc course - Nov08
042. Buy at least one property in our trust
043. Clear out short-term debt - May09
044. Buy all 3 Austin Powers' movies (1/3)
045. Buy/get another Sims2 expansion pack
046. Don't buy anything which doesn't fit me perfectly
047. Limit magazine buying to 4 per month - doing this regularly now, consider it done
048. Read "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" - Feb09
049. Buy a nice pair of boots - May09
050. Save up & register with SAICA
051. Buy proper ballroom shoes - Nov08

Hard Day's Night/In My Life

052. Wash the dishes every night for one month (0/30)
053. Put clothes away every night for one month (0/30)
054. Go one day without saying anything negative about anyone
055. Apologise first 20 times, even (especially!) when I think I'm right (2/20)
056. Make a point to NOT overreact (when I'm angry) 10 times (0/10)
057. Deal with an issue I'd usually try to avoid
058. Do not indulge in any gossip at work for one month (0/21)
059. Organise favourite recipes into a recipe binder
060. Declutter: get rid of 101 things (57/101)
- Shoes & clothes (Nov08)
- Clothes (Jul09)
061. Get rid of old magazines

062. Finally unpack the 'Box of Horrors' in our bedroom
063. Avoid celebrity gossip for one month (0/30)
064. Put away laundry the same day it's dried for 6 consecutive weeks (0/6)
065. Go through digital photos, print & frame (or put up for display in some other way) the best ones

Got To Get You Into My Life/With A Little Help From My Friends

066. Meet up with Michelle & Lee-Ann once every 2 months (2/16)
067. Host a dinner party once every 3 months (2/7)
- Caribbean party (Dec08)
- Bollywood Dreams (May09)
068. Go visit Nelia in Namibia
069. Have a girls' night out/in - May09
070. Make a new female friend
071. Write (& send) a letter to my brother once a month (0/33)
072. Visit my Aunt & Uncle once every 3 months (2/7)
073. Treat my mom to a spa day - Dec08
074. Talk to/email my dad once a month (5/33)
075. Call my mom more regularly

Love Me Do/Oh! Darling

076. Go on a date with TheHusband once a month (8/33)
077. Go for a Sunday/Saturday afternoon stroll with TheHusband once a month (1/33)
078. Re-read the Five Love Languages & also the Five Languages of Apology
079. Watch 10 "boy"-movies with TheHusband without complaining or falling asleep (3/10)
080. Do 101 romantic things for TheHusband (2/101)

The Fool on The Hill/I Am The Walrus

081. Learn to speak Spanish
082. Catch up on current affairs via
news24 once a week - added to my RSS feed
083. Finish reading the Combrink/Combrinck genealogy books (0/3)
084. Complete Bronze ballroom dancing programme
- Preliminary - Mar09
- Secondary - Jul09
085. Take an online course
086. Read up on the history and culture of a different country once a week (3/143)
- Afghanistan
- Peru
- Finland

Happiness is a Warm Gun/I Feel Fine

087. Watch the Comrades once from start to finish
088. Re-read the Adrian Mole books (3/6)
- The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole (Oct08)
- True Confessions of Adrian Albert Mole (Nov08)
- Adrian Mole: The Cappucino Years (Nov08)
089. Have/go to a poker evening
090. Comply with the Four Agreements for one week
091. Send 20 postcards via postcrossing - Oct08 - Jan09
092. Join the bone marrow donor register - Oct08
093. Talk to 10 strangers (more than just "hi"...) (2/10)
094. Build up to 10 generations in one family on TheSims2 (3/10)
095. Host a Murder Mystery Evening
096. Learn how to & make a quilt
097. Make something for our flat (the quilt doesn't count)
098. Update my blog once a week (6/143) (exceptions will be made for periods away from home, w/o internet access
099. Find a way to get rid of the damn doves on our balcony - they left on their own!

Do You Want To Know a Secret

100. Do not **private misson ** - fail
101. Do **private mission**


aonbelay said...

I've seen another blogger do this too and want to get in on the fun! I totally think it's a sign!

Tracy Suzanne said...

Finally home & have the computer back up. This sounds so cool. I have actually thought about something simular to this many times. Maybe it is a sign to give it a try. Love you blog & all your photos...Tracy

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