The Art of Doing Nothing

Well... actually it's not really an art, but the heading sounded cool. Yes, I admit, I have fallen into the trap of tweaking my post-headings in order to sound a little bit more interesting for my imagined audience.

Anyway, where was I? Right - the "ART" of doing absolutely nothing. Usually very cool, but only - and this is a very important proviso - if you are able to choose the location and mode of this nothing-doing. For example - doing nothing (by choice) on a Saturday afternoon at home is pretty damn near to heaven. However, doing nothing (not by choice) at work on a regular Tuesday is a tad further away from the aforementioned ideal. In fact its pretty crappy. Even worse when you actively asked for work and still had zero to do. Worse still when you have to fill in a timesheet detailing the complete lack of productivity that was your day at work.

Yup, that's been my life for the past two days and while not having anything to do at work sounds pretty cool, in reality it sucks...

... like Electrolux!

Better Together

I just love this song of Jack Johnson! It perfectly encapsulates my mood today.

" Yeah, it's always better when we're together"

Had to go to the the docter this morning because of a dodgy mole on my leg and I have to admit I was quite worried about it. The docter threw some medical terms around, which basically means that, while it doesn't appear to be serious, it still has to be removed. So I've made an appointment for Tuesday morning first thing. Just want to get it over with.

Meanwhile I'm sooo loving this longweekend. Best of all is that it just kind of sneaked up on me, which made it a brilliant surprise. Not that I'll be able to have too much fun, I have to study after all, but the mere fact of being able to stay at home (and sleep LATE) on a Monday just feels incredibly decadent.

Urghh this week has been quite tiring. Had something on almost every night of the week. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to go out and socialise, but sometimes you just feel like curling up on your bed and not having to say a word.

Or is it just me?

Over the Hills and Far far Away

So here's a quick update of events since my last post:

a) We celebrated 6 months of marriage in August
b) I've become addicted to facebook
c) I went out and bought a stack of books for my exam at the end of the year - no more excuses!
d) I've started looking around for another job for next year (my contract ends in December).
e) I've joined a gym and started exercising on a semi-regular basis. Hey, I'm trying...

Things that have remained unchanged since my last post:

a) The chaotic state of our flat. Okay, I'm NOT a neat person
b) My magazine addiction is still in full swing

And now my craving has spoken and I'm headed off to Spar for a sugar fix.

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