I've been a bad, bad blogger...

So much for my resolution to blog once a week. (098) HA! Although, in my defense, I usually get the urge to blog during work hours and my my internet keeps bombing out as soon as I tried to sign into my blog. They’re onto me…. ;-)

So, what’s
new on my side?

  • My magazine addiction (047) has been successfully curbed I think. I no longer look longingly at the magazine rack each time I enter a shop and scan desperately for a title, any title, that will grab my fancy. And of course, I’ve become much pickier with the magazines I do buy, since I have a quantity limit now. Sometimes I don’t even get to 4 per month!
  • I’ve tried to go see an improv show (004), even booked the tickets, but then rocked up at the wrong venue. Very disappointing! For those wondering, the Intimate Theatre is not a separate room at the Kalkbay theatre, it is actually a separate theatre and is in the middle of the CBD. So when we finally figured out we were at the wrong venue, it was too late to still catch the show at the actual venue. Oh well, you live, you learn… Next time!
  • We did however attend the theatre (010) – this time for Pythonesque (a Monty Python type show, surprisingly…) at the Theatre on the Bay, part of our anniversary weekend celebrations. I’ve never seen any Monty Python (yes, yes, you can berate me later), so the show was a lovely surprise as I quite liked the style of humour.
  • We’ve also tried some new restaurants out (012) (yes, coffeeshops DO count!) – Melissa’s for a delicious breakfast including a freshly pressed beetroot, orange juice & ginger drink, and Café Crème for an equally delicious breakfast which included a lip-smacklingly awesome apple compote with Bulgarian yoghurt.
  • I can also tick off nr 013 – we had a picnic for Valentine’s Day. Even though it was on our livingroom floor (it was windy outside!), but we made the best of it with lots of cushions & duvets and in the end it was the best choice as we could pass out there and then when we had sated ourselves on JC Le Roux sparkling rose, homemade flatbread (025), diy marinated olives, garlicky chicken wings, roasted aubergine & redpepper and fried halloumi. Yum-o!
  • Not making too much progress on nr 019 – I already eat a wide variety of foods, so this one is actually quite difficult to do… I keep threatening to try rollmops, but have not worked up the courage yet. They just look ….. icky…..
  • 043 – I’ve paid off another one, so now have 2 left out of 5. Focusing now on TheHusband’s debt, so will probably take a while before the last 2 is paid off.
  • 022 is ticked off – chocolate salami was a hit during the festive season (off course with extra booze & orange peel added in, why not?)
  • Still too scared to get on the scale (027). But I think my clothes are feeling a tad looser (or rather, less tight…). Wishful thinking?
  • Perhaps..Finally read Rich Dad, Poor Dad & can recommend it for anyone who does not look forward to getting trapped in the rat-race.
  • Made good progress (read: about 2 days…) with nr 063, but then the whole Joost-sex video scandal popped up all over Heat, my colleague showed it to me and I was trapped like a deer in the headlights (albeit a deer that quite enjoys being trapped in the headlights…)
  • Had a lovely girls night in with Michelle a few weeks ago, was just like the good old varsity days. Not sure if it counts as a proper girls’ night (069) when there are only 2 girls though…
  • Working on 070, watch this space….071, 074 & 075 are miserable FAILS.
  • I am a happy postcrosser! (091) Close to the 20 card-mark. Although, had a bit of a dry spell for the first few weeks of 2009, but now I’m all fired up again, since I figured out you can buy airmail postcard stamps in bulk at the post office, so I don’t have to go the postoffice every damn time I want to send a postcard (really annoying)
  • Stupid computer gave me a bit of a backlog on 094, but I’ve started up a new legacy and will be backing up on a regular basis to avoid any future mishaps. (Stupid Acer!)
  • The doves seem to not be such keen visitors to our balcony anymore, so I guess 099 has taken care of itself. However, we now have a new plague – cockroaches. They have managed to crawl inside of our microwave (yes! Behind the digital time display – wtf), and give me the evil side-eye everytime I step into the kitchen. However, we have now found a new poison with which we will wage our war, hopefully this time it is successful. FYI, cockroach traps trap NOTHING, Doom-type sprays just sprays them away and then they scuttle off somewhere else, and apparently the old footstomping technique isn’t really the winner either – they release a gazillion egss when they get squashed! Just what I wanted: little cockroach babies!
  • Urgh100 – FAIL. But I’m glad about the FAIL. I think it actually did more good than harm as initially feared.

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