Geez! I feel like I've been dumped on some alternate universe where people are expected to literally work their asses off! Not only is it month-end, not only is there all sorts of issues with payments,not only do we have our bi-annual stocktake,but my boss is going on holiday for the next 2 weeks meaning I am seriously overworked with trying to sort out everything before he leaves! Where is a person supposed to find time for browsing and daydreaming with such a hectic workload??

In the midst of all this, it is TheHusband's birthday next week (thank heavens for online shopping!), and I start a driving crash course next week in the hopes of (finally, maybe, HOPEfully) obtaining my driver's licence this time around.
What with the ridiculous hourly charge for the driving school, I'm expecting an end-of-the-month-salticrax situation for most of the month...

Oh and to top it all off, our maid has been pulling a Houdini act for the past few weeks, which means our flat is a complete disaster area.

Seriously, Katrina in New Orleans has nothing on me and TheHusband.


Had the best dream last night!

Me & TheHusband in South America, dancing the night away, mixing with the locals, attending shows and exploring the culture.

Who knows, perhaps it was a glimpse into the future?

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