The Truth in Humour...

Annoyances - Part One

  • Stupid/ignorant people. This includes people who have no common sense e.g. they do not know that the United Arab Emirates is a country. This also includes people who cannot spell even the easiest words. Honestly - get a dictionary/use the spellchecker. This also includes people who misspell your name in reply to an email with your name at the bottom/companies who enter your name from the application form you filled out. VERY annoying.
  • Stupid/ignorant people who think they know it all. And who lose their temper when you point out their mistakes. The. Worst. Breed. Ever.
  • Bad customer service. The annoyance I feel is inversely related to the level of remorse displayed by the person delivering the bad service.
  • Computers with a will of their own. Isn’t the whole point of a computer that it does everything right, so as to eliminate human error? Or at least consistently wrong? But no… evidently I seem to be missing something.
  • Queues. Specifically loooooooong queues. Even more specifically when only 2 out of a possible say 6 tillpoints are open for business. How does this make sense in notoriously busy times of the day?

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